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My Research Plan

Thorwald C. Franke
September 2014; revised October 2016

Before I started to deal seriously with the topic of Plato's Atlantis, I playfully developed an own hypothesis in 1999. The island of Sicily was my choice for several reasons, of which some have later turned out to be good reasons, some others not. It was clear from the beginning that this was only a playful approach, and this was stated clearly in the introduction of my hypothesis. Only in 2008 I became personally convinced that Sicily is indeed Atlantis. But I got in touch with the topic and started to collect books on Atlantis.

Disappointment and Clarifications: My Herodotus book 2006

My starting point of serious research was no specific hypothesis about Atlantis. My starting point was the realization that Atlantis searchers and Atlantis skeptics time and again repeat the same basic mistakes. On this basis they never will create a satisfying answer to the Atlantis problem.

So I started by clarifying very basic partial problems of the Atlantis enigma without (!) making up my own hypothesis. This was my book about Herodotus and Atlantis in 2006. Some liked it because this book provides a sound basis for further research in many directions. Others did not like it because they did not understand the value of a stable basis without a ready hypothesis.

You should have a stable basis.

Self-corrections: My conference approach 2008 and my revised approach 2010

Meanwhile I had started – beginning in 2008 for the Atlantis Conference in Athens – to develop my Atlantis=Sicily hypothesis. Only now, february 2008, I became personally convinced because of the density of indications, that Sicily is indeed Atlantis, yet I had no proof for it. After the conference, I had to experience some setbacks. All my mistakes were documented and revoked publicly by me. Some could not understand this and preferred to put their trust on those authors who never admit any mistake.

You should correct yourself.

Removal of a major obstacle: My Aristotle book 2010

An important follow-up to this research was my book about Aristotle and Atlantis in 2010: Many had guessed that there is something wrong with Aristotle's opinion against the existence of Atlantis. But none had demonstrated what was really wrong with it. And what was right instead. An important difference between science and pseudoscience is, that science elaborates ideas until a proof is found while pseudoscience always remains in the state of guessing and believing.

You should not guess or believe.

Learn from intelligent, well-minded dissenters: My Rudberg-Syracuse book 2012

Another important step was 2012 the translation of Gunnar Rudberg's idea that Plato invented Atlantis with Syracuse/Sicily as a model. I do not share this idea but it provides a lot of information about Plato's motivaton to write the Atlantis dialogue. Some could not understand why I cared so much about a wrong invention hypothesis. Yet, it teaches a lot which is necessary to know for an appropriate interpretation of Plato's Atlantis dialogues.

You should learn from others.

Towards a well-founded theory of Atlantis as a real place 2018/19 (?)

The next steps will be to elaborate Plato's concept of "Platonic Myth" in respect to the Atlantis account. Then a fully elaborated existence theory can be published. And on the basis of this theory, it will be possible to identify the real place of Atlantis reliably.

You should elaborate things.

Again a subchapter turns to a book: My history of Atlantis hypotheses 2016

What was planned as a subchapter of the coming book turned out to grow and grow until it was clear that it had to be published as a book on its own: My critical history of Atlantis hypotheses, published in 2016. The same had already happened with the Aristotle book which was intended to be a sub-sub-chapter. I could draw more evidence from the history of Atlantis hypotheses than I had expected before I started this work.

Take things as they come along.

Finding Plato's Atlantis where Plato did not expect it to be 2018/19 (?)

If you like this approach and if you want to get more and deeper insight into the Atlantis problem than others, then please have a look at my research books! But beware: These are no easy picture books. Reading these books means work. Many footnotes are awaiting you, documenting the correctness of all statements. These books are written only for those few who really want to know.

You should not do things by halves.

Do you want to support me and my research plan?

You cannot support my research directly. Time, not money, is the key factor. But you can contribute to my motivation and you can open access for others to my research! Not much is needed: Each sold book, each facebook message, each review on Amazon increases my motivation to invest more time and provides the opportunity to others to get to know of my research – thank you very much!

Yours Thorwald C. Franke

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My approach is to show that academia could accept Plato's Atlantis as a real place
on the basis of its very own methods, such as philology or historical criticism.

Books in English


Bücher auf Deutsch

Gunnar Rudberg:
Atlantis and Syracuse
Did Plato's experiences on Sicily
inspire the legend?
Edited by Thorwald C. Franke


Kritische Geschichte
der Meinungen und Hypothesen
zu Platons Atlantis

Von der Antike
über das Mittelalter
bis zur Moderne


Aristotle and Atlantis
What did the philosopher really think
about Plato's island empire?


Aristoteles und Atlantis
Was dachte der Philosoph wirklich
über das Inselreich des Platon?



Mit Herodot
auf den Spuren von Atlantis

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realer Ort gewesen sein?        Contents Overview
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